Wielka Danora mare 1991 (Noir x Wielka Danata) 

Wielka Danora is a greatgreatgranddaughter of Wielka Este, extraordinary broodmare at Wilkesbacka. Wielka Danora's greatgrandam *Wielka Szampana left only one daughter in Sweden before her export to the US, *Wielka Nuredda by Nureddin. She in turn also had one daughter before her export, Wielka Danata by Danser. Wielka Danata left the stallion Noir by *Aloes and several mares.

She descends from the Mlecha OA dam line, imp in 1845 to Jarczowce. There are two main branches of this dam line, that of Fanfara 1914 and that of Lysa 1915. Wielka Este belongs to the branch of Fanfara through her daughter Pomponia II 1924. Pomponia II was the granddam of Wielka Este's mother Wielka Zorza. Zorza Pelkinska, Wielka Este's granddam, was born at Pelkinie, a stud known for its excellent racehorses. Beside Wielka Zorza by Wielki Szlem she produced the stallion Geyran by Kaszmir. Kaszmir was a great producer of racehorses and Geyran continued that tradition by producing *Arwistawa, a great racehorse and show champion.

Wielka Zorza produced the mares *Warna by *Naborr, *Wiganda by Faher and *Wielka Kometa by Comet imp Sweden. Wielka Kometa had the stallion *Komis by Czort in Poland. For some reason she was difficult to breed in Sweden and left only one daughter, the in utero import Dokema by Doktryner who left no daughters before her exportation to France. *Wielka Kometa produced one daughter in USa, Cometdora by *Carrador.

What is interesting to note is that El Trypoli sired four daughters used in Sweden (beside Wielka Este there was Grobla, *Sake and *Melhafa-Ed-Areg). This is rather large number since he was only used at stud for three years and only had two offspring the last two years.

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