Salaterka mare 1997 (Elton x Sapala) with her 2003 filly by Preference, Sawaneczka 
 This mare is owned by Anette Mattson. She belongs to one of the most successful mare families in the world, that of Milordka. Salaterka's filly Sawaneczka is her first foal. Sawaneczka was later exported to Norway.

The branch Salaterka belongs to came to Sweden in 1962 when Dr Arvid Aaby-Ericsson imported the mare Sakla and her filly *Sake by El Trypoli. Sakla was a full sister to Estokada and half sister to Canaria and Sedziwoj, both by Trypolis and thus closely related to *Sake since her sire El Trypoli was by Trypolis.

The Milordka family has three major branches, that of Anielka 1909, that of Siglavi-Bagdady 1908 and that of Koalicja 1918. Salaterka belongs to the branch of Siglavi-Bagdady. This branch is probably the most important, with individuals like Fetysz, Saga, Canaria (with another line to the Milordka family through Koalicja's son Enwer Bey), Gwara, Cosmosa, Estokada, Celebes, Eskapada, *Elkana and Ekstaza.

Before she was exported to Tom Chauncey Arabians in the US, *Sake produced *Salexja by *Exelsjor, Saudi by Dardir (stallion in Germany) and *Polisa by Pohaniec. *Salexja was the dam of Salamalaika by Algier, Polka by Pohaniec (dam of Primo), Sanda by Dardir, *Sagana by Engano (broodmare extraordinaire) and the stallion Amarath by Pohaniec. Salamalaika produced Saldara by Dardir (dam of Sapala), Sanicja by *Cadyk and Salexa by Exodus.

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