Jacaranda mare 1979 (*Mimik x José DK) 

This is a very unique mare since her dam was mainly of old Babolna lines. Jacaranda belongs to the mare family of Semrie OA, a mare of Kuhailan lines imp to Hungary in 1902. She founded a solid family at Babolna but it really flourished when it came to Poland after WW II. Some hungarian mares were saved by the exiled polish state studs and taken to Poland when the horses were repatriated. In 1951 the hungarian mares were returned (as was previously agreed) in foal to polish stallions. However, before those mares were returned, they left many valuable offspring. Three branches were established in Poland, through Baza, Brda and Bojazn. All branches have left valuble horses. Jacaranda (on her dam's side) also has lines to Marbach (Jobal) and Poland (Wisznu).

The branch Jacaranda belongs to came to Sweden by Germany and Denmark. Mrs Griesbach of the Achental Stud bought several mares from Babolna after WWII (she also bought polish horses, for example *Bibars). One of the mares was Rozka (in Hungary Kuhailan Ajouz I-12) by Kuhailan Ajouz I (born in Poland of desert and Babolna lines) out of 236 Kuhailan Zaid. Rozka's granddam 204 Kemir was a remarkable mare who also produced Khabitha (owned by Achental) and Kuhailan Said imp Poland. Rozka produced several mares and stallions, among them Rualla 1952 by Kalif. She founded the largest branch of the Rozka family and her daughter Razzinah 1959 by Wisznu was the greatgranddam of Jacaranda through Rujobah by Jobal - José by Siglavi Bagdady VI. Siglavi Bagdady VI was born at Babolna and exported Bartahus in Denmark. Jobal, the sire of Rujobah, was out of a full sister to Jager, the first arabian stallion in Sweden in modern times.

Jacaranda has had 7 offspring, among them several daughters to continue the family.

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