Exalicja mare 1976 (*Erystawi PL x Exessa) 

This is Exessa's daugther by *Erystawi, Exalicja. *Erystawi was a circus horse who was imported by Erik Erlandsson and then reexported to the US. It was the same group of stallions that included *Aladdinn's father Nureddin... Exalicja is the dam of three exports to the US, one stallion to Norway and one mare to Finland. Her son Kasztan by Maz was owned by Swedens Ponnyklubb were I used to take lessons.

Exessa is the dam of several mares, among them Herbata 1983, and stallions *Exeter 1985 and *Essex 1986 by *Probat and Espri 1973 by *Espartero.

She comes from the mare line of Woloszka, born ca 1810 at Slawuta, believed to be of a Saklawi strain. This line has two branches, through the daughters of the mare Rusalka 1911 (Czorsztyn x Polenta): Karima 1924 by Farys II and Niespodzianka 1931 by 35 Amurath II. Both mares were lost in World War II but left daughters to carry on. The Karima branch is the largest and has been very successful with horses like Celina, Ellora, El Azrak, *El Paso and Etna (one of my favourites!). Niespozianka left a small family through her daughter Laguna 1938 by Opal but two mares from this family has actually been imported to Sweden: *Lampka (*Gedymin x Laszka) and *Luna 1972 (*Elf x *Legenda).

*Edessa by *Pietuszok was a daughter of Ellora and thus a halfsister to stallions *El Paso and El Azrak and full sister to mares *Eliza and *Elba. Beside Exessa she left Exessa's full sister *Edjora, broodmare supreme and dam of Kajora US Nat'l Ch mare. Before *Edjora was exported she left a daughter, Wiewiorka, who has continued the family.

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