Comedia mare 1989 (Balon PL x Catanga PL ) 

This is a pretty young mare called Comedia. She is very pleasant to handle and a real sweetheart. She is used for dressage and show-jumping and has had one foal, Comedi by Hart.

Her dam Catanga was imported in foal to Argo and had the colt Canter. Her half sisters *Concordia and *Cassiopeja were exported to USA.

She belongs to the Gazella OA mare line, imp in 1845 to Jarczowce. This line is very sucessful, producing both showhorses and racehorses. It is also one of the larger lines with many individuals. It was almost lost during World War I with only three surving mares but one of them would do more than just continue the line, she would make it legendary. This was the mare Gazella II 1914 by Kohejlan OA. The two other mares were Fryga 1914 by Kohejlan 1903 and Gazella I 1907 by Selim. Fryga 1914 left a small branch that has produced some horses imp Sweden, among them the stallions Milagro and Dzahil and the mares Meluzyna and Melhafa-ed-Areg. The branch of Gazella I does not exist anymore, it was lost in World War II.

Gazella II would have been considered a broodmare supreme had she only produced Elegantka and Makata, 3/4 sisters by Bakszysz and Fetysz respectively but beside them she produced yet another 5 broodmares and 3 stallions used for breeding. The Gazella family was continued in the female line by Elegantka 1923, Fryga II 1924, Jaskolka II 1928, Najada 1932 and Taraszcza 1937.

Catanga belongs to the branch of Jaskolka II by Koheilan I. She was lost during World War II but before that she managed to produce the mares *Przepiorka, *Rybitwa and Wilga. Wilga is well-known in Sweden through her daughter by Laur, Worskla. Before Worskla left Poland she founded a family of superb racehorses through her son *Wosk and daughter *Wilma. Carmen 1942 by Trypolis, the first daughter of Jaskolka II, is the dam of Comet 1953 and *Canberra 1954, full brother and sister by Abu Afas and of *Kassala 1952 by Bad Afas. *Canberra was the dam of *Candida by Aquinor. *Candida had four full sisters, all of whom were used at the polish state studs: Camera, *Camorra, *Camerata and *Capella.

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